New Train Time Table of Indian Railways 2018!

New Train Time Table

NTES is the National train enquiry system of India that provides complete train schedule and new railway time table. It is an initiative and a joint venture of Indian Railways and the Indian government. The NTES website is developed and maintained by the CRIS or the Centre for Railway Information System.

The NTES website provides complete information regarding the departure of trains from stations, the arrival of trains to stations, spotting your train, cancellation of trains or rescheduling of trains and diversion of the route of trains.


You can also get a complete schedule of trains in India in the NTES website. The latest and updated information regarding cancellation or rescheduling and diversion of routes is provided to you by NTES website through Internet or SMS. You can also download National Train Enquiry System app to get information on your mobile phones.

When Train Schedule is Not Known to Passengers

A passenger can face numerous problems if the train time table is not known to them. A passenger traveling by train to various places for touring has to create a timetable of his journey. But if the train schedule is not known to him then he will not be able to create his train time table for his journey.

He can also create a backup plan for his journey if in case there is a cancellation. Moreover, the people traveling to new places might have less information about the schedule of the trains for which those people have to face problems in finding the right train for them. Those such people can also use trains between stations option to find more trains at a particular place.


The passengers traveling by train daily for the purpose of the job also faces problems if the schedule is not known to them. These problems are easily solved as the train time table for all trains is provided to the general public on Nation Train Enquiry System official portal.

Train Schedule

How to Find Train Time Table on Indian Railways

The complete train schedule can be found on the NTES website. You can view the complete train schedule of a particular train in which you want to travel by entering the date of your journey and the train number in the space provided.


Procedure to Know New Train Time Table at NTES

  • Go to Google and search for NTES or you can directly visit to the NTES website by entering in your browser.
  • After visiting the site click on the 4th tab on the top that displays Train schedule.
  • Clicking on the train schedule tab will take you to a new page, where there will be space for train number and date of your journey.
  • Enter train number and the start date of your journey in the space provided.
  • The complete list of the train will be shown next with time at which the train will start along with the time the train arrives in a station. The distance between stations is also showcased here.
  • If the date is not known to you then you can only put the train number and can also see the detailed schedule of the train. The default date will be as of today. This means if you are searching for the train schedule today then it will atomically show the train schedule in today’s date.
  • You can also install Indian Railway app to know the train time table on your Android & iOS devices.

Indian Railway is getting digital with every year passing year. And thus they are helping lots of people by providing the train schedule at national train enquiry system platform.

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