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National Train Enquiry System (NTES) or MNTES is maintained by Indian Railways, wherein users will be able to have access to information at a much faster pace than ever before for live train status (लाइव ट्रेन रनिंग स्टेटस) or to Spot Your Train.

Railway ministry, since a long period of time, has been bearing the menace of “wrong or inaccurate information reporting” and to get rid of all of this they have come up with one stop solution in the form of NTES (National Train Enquiry System).

Indian Railways National Train Enquiry System

The website has been developed using beta version by Central for Railway information system (CRIS), which is going to be user-friendly and effective enough to give a quick response to its users. This site of NTES Indian Railways is loaded with many new features, which is probably going to answer all the concerns of passengers traveling by train.

To check the train running status, you can download official app of NTES now or you can visit NTES official website too.

NTES Train Running Status (ट्रेन रनिंग स्टेटस)

With this site, passengers willing to travel between specified dates can possibly get any information related to any train and make their bookings accordingly. Features imbibed within the site, have been discussed in detail below.

Visit ntes.co.in


1. Spot Your Train NTES

Spot your train tab is available as a first option on the site. Through this tab on NTES, you can simply track any train online LIVE and gather its status. Or you can simply download NTES App or download Indian Railway App to spot your train or find where is my train on Android & iOS devices! Spot your train is going to be one of the most useful tabs to keep travellers updated about trains, its running status, and timing. Hence passengers can expect to get best of information here.

2. Live Station Status at NTES

Train schedule for a particular station can be easily tracked with this option. You will have a complete list of stations running from the station. Further, this information can be filtered based on train number, name and time period enabling you to access complete details of the train. It’s also possible to track live train running status on this portal.

3. Train Between Stations

The Train between stations option on NTES provides complete details of the train travelling between stations.  This will help you make choice of trains and find out which trains are running between specific stations. Once you have fed in the station, complete details relating to train can be extracted and used accordingly by passengers thinking about travelling by train.

Enquiry.IndianRail.Gov.In NTES

4. Complete Train Schedule at NTES.co.in

Are you traveling by train, and willing to check train schedule of 2020? Then this is probably the right option to choose on NTES. It shall put forth a complete schedule of the train, helping you decide if this train is appropriate for you or not. If you’re checking this on mobile, it’s recommended to use MNTES instead of NTES!

5. Cancelled Trains on NTES Train Enquiry

Many times, trains are cancelled due to bad weather or other emergency situations. It is advisable to check details of the cancelled train using this tab, such that you don’t waste time or go in a hurry to catch cancelled train. The tab on NTES page assures you of providing updated and complete details of cancelled trains.

6. Rescheduled Trains 

Rescheduling of train majorly happens when a train is running late or early of its designated time. To keep travellers updated about such information, rescheduled tab on NTES contains information of all such trains. So, before you leave for the station to catch train make sure to go through the rescheduled tab and find out if your train is right on time, or has been preponed or postponed.

7. Diverted Trains Info at NTES

List of diverted trains shall be available in this tab. Users can rely on such information, as it will be accurate and will be fed by the railway authorities for the convenience of travellers. As per recent changes made in trains or any diversions, information relating to it is updated on NTES Indian Railway website.

8. Special NTES Train

Special trains are temporary trains introduced to handle the rush during peak or festival seasons. To everyone’s surprise, passengers can now have complete information of these special trains at NTES and make their bookings accordingly. Special trains have undoubtedly made train tickets available for passengers even during utmost rush seasons of the year.

9. Heritage trains

Heritage trains are some of India’s luxurious trains, that will let you have a royal feel of the country and also gives you a chance to take a closer look to the Indian culture. Details of such luxurious trains can be checked using NTES.co.in, which shall enlist the list of trains here. You can simply have a look at the train and book a train suiting your requirement, budget, and route.

10. NTES PNR Enquiry

PNR is also known as passenger name record is mentioned towards the left-hand corner of the ticket. This number can be used for checking the reservation status of a passenger on the train. Simply click on the tab, and make sure to keep your PNR number handy. Once you have provided PNR number click go, and within no time status of your reservation will be in front of you. This helps you check if your ticket has been confirmed or if still, it is lying in the waiting Que on NTES.

11. Seat/Berth Availability

Before you book a railway ticket, you must check its availability. This tab on NTES shall help you check the list of trains available on the dates you are willing to travel. You can even have a look at different trains, berths available on your pre-decided dates, to help you make a choice and take an informed booking decision.

12. Seat/Berth Booking at NTES

Once you have checked the availability of seat/berth on NTES website, the next step is to proceed with its booking. By using this tab, you can book your seats and berth, and have a good journey. At the time of booking on NTES, you cannot only choose the train and travel dates, but it also enables you to chose seats and berths which can help you have a safe and comfortable journey. While you proceed to make bookings, ensure to keep your payment details handy.

So these are few things which you can check out on NTES Indian Railways website. Further, Google is interested in building an IT platform for Indian railways so that users can track every information using a brand new app.

How to Spot Your Train at Enquiry.IndianRail.gov.in?

Spot your train is one of the useful tabs provided on NTES or enquiry.indianrail.gov.in. Once the user has clicked on the tab, a series of steps have to be followed to spot the train.

  1. Provide the train number or name in the blank tab and press go in NTES website.
  2. Pop-up of the train shall appear, make sure to choose the correct train.
  3. Provide the tracking station name, to filter out irrelevant details.
  4. The feed-in, date of tracking train to enlist complete details of the train.
  5. That’s it! You will get complete details about train running status at your fingertips.

Once the above-mentioned details have been provided, within no time live running status of the train will be in front of you to help you plan your train travel.

NTES Live Station

Want to track NTES live station? You’ve arrived at the right place. Visit NTES.co.in and enter your train number in the search box. It will redirect you to the official NTES website. Then you’ll be able to see all the details related to NTES live station. Here it is!


The above given procedure works both for PC & mobile users but if you want to specially search on mobile & tablets, MNTES would be the perfect platform. It gives good user experience for smartphone users. MNTES stands for Mobile National Train Enquiry System which helps you to spot your train within fraction of seconds!

Conclusion of National Train Enquiry System

NTES is surely going to prove as a breakthrough in the world of Indian railways, which shall provide passengers with all the updated information relating to trains and railways. Users can make the most of this information, and enjoy convenience while traveling in trains by using NTES.

If you feel that we have missed any of the functions of NTES App, you can let us know through our Contact Us Page. You can also contact us in case if you find any difficulty in using the National Train Enquiry System app on your Android or iOS devices. We will be happy to help you!


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